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Specialist Education, Training and Skills Development Consultancy. 


We manage the implementation of education and training programmes across a variety of fields and industries.


In conjunction with government entities as well as private sector companies, we facilitate skills development programmes.


Through our consultancy, we assist training providers and companies that wish to upskill their workforce with tailored solutions.



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The story of Diemiso Ntsebeng and Associates is one of perserverance, grit and living a life dedicated to helping our fellow man. Diemiso Ntsebeng was founded in 2019 by a group of Individuals who found a common goal through a series of encounters with each other in their careers. Together, they formed a vehicle that is geared to bridging the skills development gaps in today's South Africa by providing a consultancy services that specialises in ETD - Education Training and Development.

DNA wants to ensure that every person's upbringing, no matter their circumstances, includes an educational background that will allow them to live better and to pay it forward. This is the ethos our logo is based on - we want to be as the roots of a tree that grows to bloom, bear fruit and yield multiple uses. At DNA we want to make sure that any person we provide a service to grows with us from the root to the point where they stand on their own and can become part of other people's growth.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  – Ghandi

Training and skills development is one of the sectors that provides people both young and old and from all walks of life a chance to improve their lives.

Founder - Diemiso Ntsebeng and associates

Our Services

Learning, Education & Development New!

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to learning and development plans. Every business and its employees are different. Each plan should be tailored to meet the needs of the business and its strategic goals. We can assist you to develop a learning and development plan with the relevant line managers and human resource team.

Skills Development New!

We assist businesses to apply for Discretionary Grants. Discretionary grants are aimed at encouraging stakeholders to contribute towards skills development. The bulk of discretional funding is directed at the provision of PIVOTAL or learning programmes, which comprises the following: Learnerships Work integrated learning Internships Bursaries Skills programmes.

ETD Consultancy New!

Outsource your learner & learnership management to an experienced partner. Let our expert consultants help you meet all your training needs and legal skills development requirements, making your life easier, keeping you compliant, and bringing you possible cost savings. We help with consolidated learnerships assisting with access to related and SETA grants.

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What Our Clients Say

DNA's Quality Management System (QMS) Development for us was perfect! They really helped us set everything up for accreditation and customised with our branding.
MX Training
We approached DNA to help us with project management of our internships & to Quality Assure our submissions for Mandatory and Discretionary Grants. We were successful in all our applications.
due north Projects
Sometimes you're lucky and you get a service provider who understands what you and your staff need. I would recommend DNA for Training on ETD and OHS.
Okuhle people

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